Super long egg roll wigs

Korean style, as the Asian fashion style that emerged after the Japanese trend, is long egg roll wigs not only concerned by Asian fashion MM, but also plays an important role in the world fashion stage.

Compared with the sweetness of Japanese style, the details and curls are outstanding; the Korean style is better in inheriting the romantic sweetness of Japanese, and it is also a mix of long egg roll wigs European and American fashion and is the favorite of boys!

Bring you the latest Korean beauty wigs, help you Wig long hair transform instantly, perfect to create a variety of styles!

long egg roll wigs

Korean beautiful wigs to create a variety of dating girls 1

Super long egg roll head

The thick hair, the smooth bangs, the straight hair from the shoulders began to long egg roll wigs make a fine micro-volume, perfect to create a sweet and lovely pure little girl atmosphere!

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