Remy hair wig Teach you to bring a wig

The simple ponytail hair band is pure and playful by this  remy hair wig girl next door. Today, the hairdresser teaches you to use a wig to upgrade from a pure neighbor girl to a sweet lady. Let’s take a look!

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Remy hair wig Teach you to bring a wig

Step 1: Zamawei

The simple ponytail tie hair believes that every girl will, needless to say, the high ponytail is more playful.Remy hair

Step 2: Clip the wig

Remy hair wig

Clip the ponytail wig with a shark clip on the just-engaged ponytail.

Detail picture: This ponytail wig is very simple to use, you can remy hair wig choose the wig that suits you according to your hair color.

Step 3: Wig covers the real hair

Adjust the ponytail wig and cover it with your original hair. It’s done.

Complete the picture: You can choose the ponytail wig that suits you according to remy hair wig your hair color, and put the long ponytail side of the tie, the long curly hair pony tail with the bangs on the roll, sweet 200%.

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