Long curly hair wig

The most popular pear head for Korean MM, the fluffy and three-dimensional non-mainstream long curly hair wig hairstyle, with a big red bow hair ornament or a fountain head, makes you eye-catching.

How can you resist the long curly hair wig of this egg roll head, the black and soft hair can not see the wig, try the sweet non-mainstream hair style.

This special medium-length hair has a different flavor, and the fluffy wavy curvature of the cheeks creates a slim face.

The pure long straight hair style has also become a kind of non-mainstream hair style, and the natural and supple hair makes this wig have a real effect.

Many times I don’t want to cut long hair. It’s better to change the shape with a non-mainstream wig with a pretty Bobo BOB head.

A wig makes you become a non-mainstream in a second long curly hair wig .

long curly hair wig

Romantic long curly hair is still a big pop in the autumn and winter, the screw roll is rolled with the wine red hair wigs dye effect, a wig makes you become a non-mainstream one second.

You love a refreshing, short hair style, but sometimes bring a long curly hair wig hundred percent non-mainstream wig hairstyle, return to the girlhood.

The handsome short hair perm non-mainstream wig hairstyle, thick texture hot style makes you feel a little sweet.

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