Korean curly wig Micro-volume long hair wig

A very sweet Korean curly wig, the whole hairstyle shows the girl’s elegant and romantic atmosphere, and the large piece of slanting bangs effectively highlights the effect of big eyes and small face, which is more sweet and lovely.

A long curly hair, like a waterfall, is full of romantic and beautiful dreams, very beautiful and stylish girl wig.

The princess fan hair full of dreams gives people an infinitely beautiful reverie. The hairstyle starts from the chin and has a curl. It creates a fluffy air texture and is full of romantic sweetness. Qi Liu is the secret of age reduction.

Similar to the wig above, but the color of the hair is different, the style will be slightly different. The curly hair of the linen is more fashionable.

Korean curly wig Micro-volume long hair wig

If you want to enhance the temperament of the mushroom, you may wish to try this wig. The medium distribution type is a magic weapon for elongated face, and the curly hair is wrapped around the cheeks to make the face look even further.

ThisĀ Korean curly wig is very feminine, bringing out the soft beauty and creating a gentle and princess image. Covered Qi Liu Hai can not only modify the face shape, but also show the charm of the little woman.

Korean curly wig

The fluffy texture of the curly wig has a large arc of sensation at the end of the hair, and the involute and valgus are intertwined, slightly messy but without losing the layering, injecting a sense of agility and vitality into theĀ Korean curly wig entire hairstyle.

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