Brown long curly hair wig

The wig is characterized by a high degree of fluffy bangs, and the Brown long curly hair wig volume is also very layered, not only sweet but also elegant.

This short curly hair wig can be fake, romantic curls, cute Qi Liuhai, sweet and full.

Brown long curly hair wig

Brown long curly hair wig

Bobo head short hair, inner button type, Qi Liu Hai, are all cute representatives.

The level of the wig is obvious, and the legal manufacture is fluffy. It is also very convenient to take care of it.

Bobo head, spread out from the top of the hair, slightly small fluffy, black hair color is very individual. The curl of the tail is very cute.

The chestnut color is dyed, and the soft and natural shape Brown long curly hair wig is very easy.

Blue dyed hair, oblique bangs, the color of this color is very Brown long curly hair wig eye-catching.

The chestnut color is dyed and the hair is outturned, which is very retro.

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