Black long curly hair wig

The long curly hair makes the style more feminine. And the age-reducing effect Black long curly hair wig created by Qi Liuhai can easily be owned.

Black long curly hair wig

Black long curly hair wig

Girls who like black retro and dignified girls can try this black super long hair and burn it out with a  long buckle wig special Korean egg roll head. The natural fluffy feeling can modify the face shape.

You can bang the bangs to one side and show the intellectual side, and become the bangs and the cute side.

Qi Liuhai has the magical power to make his eyes more energetic. The Black long curly hair wig feeling of super long hair is also very feminine.

Red natural long hair

The feeling of light wine red gives fashion and looks beautiful, and the eye-catching feeling can be very individual even with short hair, and the long-haired expression of femininity must also make eyeballs.

The irregular roll of the haircut has already reflected the natural effect, while Black long curly hair wig the wine red has a full eye-catching effect.

The side bangs can modify the face shape, make the face shape more petite, and form an ups and downs with the natural long hair.

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