November 2018

Golden brown wig

Layered micro-curly long curly wig, naturally does not show excessive curl golden brown wig design, create a star version of the fantasy shape, elegant and romantic long hair style let you […]

Brown long curly hair wig

The wig is characterized by a high degree of fluffy bangs, and the Brown long curly hair wig volume is also very layered, not only sweet but also elegant. This short […]

Black long curly hair wig

The long curly hair makes the style more feminine. And the age-reducing effect Black long curly hair wig created by Qi Liuhai can easily be owned. Black long curly hair wig […]

Horsetail wigs

Large wavy curly hair ponytail wig, shark clip design is simple and convenient.Horsetail wigs Pick a curly-haired ponytail wig that matches your hair color, and easily create a fluffy and […]

long egg roll wigs

Korean style, as the Asian fashion style that emerged after the Japanese trend, is long egg roll wigs not only concerned by Asian fashion MM, but also plays an important role […]

long curly hair wig

The most popular pear head for Korean MM, the fluffy and three-dimensional non-mainstream long curly hair wig hairstyle, with a big red bow hair ornament or a fountain head, makes you […]