Medium and long buckle wig

Girls wig hair style LOOK1 fashion index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ fashion Aspect: very pure and sweet a medium long buckle wig called people very much like, light brown hair color with a slight buckle inside the hair tail, both pure and good-looking It can also bring out a sweet little face, plus the slightly oblique bangs that cover the eyebrows, it is…

Girls wig hairstyle LOOK1

Fashion Index: ★★★★★

Medium and long buckle wig

Fashion Aspect: A very pure and sweet mid-length buckle wig is very popular, and the light brown hair color is matched with the hairpin of the slight inner buckle. It is pure and beautiful and can bring out a wear a wig sweet little face. The slight slanting bangs on the eyebrows make a pair of charming eyes look like.

long buckle wig

Girls wig hairstyle LOOK2

Fashion Index: ★★★★★

Fashion Aspect: The sleek bangs of the air and the wig hairstyle of the shoulder and the head of the pear are full of people’s playful and cute, and the eye-catching eye-catching accents make it easy to long buckle wig bring out a fashion. With a pure sweetness.

Girls wig hairstyle LOOK3

Fashion Index: ★★★★

Fashion Aspect: Korean style This shoulder-length wig hairstyle is more sweet and gentle, and the four-six-point Liu Haishun down the face line, which has a very good effect on the face shape, plus the long buckle wig external hot roll The hairtail design makes it easy to bring out dynamic and playful temperament.

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