How to wear a wig to make the scalp not itchy

How to wear a wig to make the scalp not itchy? The girl who asked this question must have been troubled by the problem of wearing a wig and scalp itch for a long time. Why do people wear wigs and they are natural and beautiful? After wearing a wig, the scalp is itchy and a small trick to solve the problem. Pay attention to it every day. Small details can make your wig look refreshed without any problems. Come and learn how to wear it. The steps of the wig, after wearing a wig every day, there will be no problem of scalp itch!

Why do wigs with wigs itch? Before the women wear the wig, the girls areĀ wear a wig cleaned first, and the scalp has no bacteria to breed, so it will not make the scalp itchy. Take out the prepared wig, as if wearing a bib, put it on your neck and pull all your hair off the net.

How to wear a wig to make the scalp not itchy

wear a wig

Then adjust the cotton material of the hair net, the part of the hard side is buckled at the hairline position, the hair behind is completely stuffed into the hair net, and the hair net is symmetrically fixed on both sides.
Wear the hair net, and push it with your fingers to form a full, similar to the curvature of the real scalp. Take out the prepared wig and comb it with a comb.
The wigs are basically the same. Whether it is a long wig or a short wig, the wigs should be adjusted from the top of the hair, and the surrounding hair is fluffy and combed.

This is a wig-wearing style. When a girl wears a wig, after adjusting the hair, she can make a short-haired girl from a long-haired girl.

Not only short hair wigs, but also short hair to long hair. When girls wear wigs, pay attention to theĀ wear a wig cleanliness of the scalp. Of course, the wigs should be cleaned up. There is a detailed wig cleaning process recommended for everyone. .

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