October 2018

big curly hair

Elegant and temperament side slit curly hair is a must-have wig for ladies, with a big curly hair headband shape of braided hair style, this girl with a sweet hairstyle can […]

Wig ponytail hairstyle

The wig hair pony hairstyle picture is specially provided for those who want to buy a wig and do not know which kind of good baby to use for reference. […]

long buckle wig

Girls wig hair style LOOK1 fashion index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ fashion Aspect: very pure and sweet a medium long buckle wig called people very much like, light brown […]

popular wig hairstyle

The burgundy autumn wig hairstyle, the bright burgundy popular wig hairstyle color is very white, and the high-quality hair looks very natural and beautiful, and it is quite feminine on the […]