Short hair wig hairstyle design

Guide: Ai Xiao Xiaobian introduces you to several short hair wigs design pictures Daquan, you can not miss the short hair!

This year’s spring short hair style is still popular, like short hair, but not willing to cut off a long hair left, then short hair wig is your best choice, short hair wig hair design picture Daquan, to appreciate.

Step1: three or seven short wigs

Comments: A hair color dyed with burgundy, showing theĀ short hair wigs skin color is also very trendy, the bangs of three or seven points, the tail of the buckle design, the face-lift effect is quite good, the most obvious, temperament short hair wig.

Step2: burgundy short hair wig

Comments: eye-catching, hot burgundy short hair wig, glamorous sexy short hair wigs, want to advertise the girl is worth a try, ear hair, very refreshing.

Step3: intellectual short hair wig

Short hair wig hairstyle design

Comments: The most suitable for OL’s short hair wig, showing the short hair wig shape of intellectual temperament, not smashing sexy wine red hair color, full of charm.

Step4: cute wave head short hair wig

Comments: Super cute Bobo head short hair wigs, the front trimmed short Liu Hai, adding a lovely sweet atmosphere, the inner buckle wrapped around the hair of the cheek, highlighting a delicate face.

short hair wigs

Step5: medium short hair wig

Comments: Royal sister Fan’s short hair wig, mid-point bangs, inside buckle tail, super good effect, dyed dark brown hair color, super color, like this short wig girl despite a try.

Step6: Korean short perm wig

Comments: Korean style short-hot wig, slanted bangs, showing sweet feel, short hair on both sides of the hair, very repairing age, puffed small mouth, oversold cute wood?

With so many short hair wig hair styling pictures, what do you like theĀ short hair wigs most?

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