Short hair style wigs

In wig styles, short hair style wigs are popular, but how to wear wigs becomes a problem. If you don’t wear well, you will lose the original arc of the wig, a small fresh wig shape, a short hair style wig with a short hair style, a wig more easily, a hair buckle on both sides, a smooth and sleek bangs, and a short hair with a high fluffy name. It doesn’t matter if it is messy.

Wig double braided hair

Cosplay comic girl image, wig is an indispensable tool, this girl with a beautiful cat ear wig double zigzag hair style, wig beautiful beige, hair top slightly light yellow color gorgeous, add layering to the wig, oblique Liu Hai is tilted up from the eyelids, and the wig is fixed with a special headband on the shoulder. The short hair style wigs double wig is not easy to wear but the effect is good.

Wig inside buckle pear head

short hair style wigs

Sending a wig with enough experience to make a heavy makeup or an extreme character, a flamboyant wig is essential. Qi Liu Hai inside the pear flower hair type, wig hair is hard, hair is thicker, Qi Liu Hai is a little longer, the eye is combed neatly in the arc, the hair on both sides is slightly rough, the tail is buckled, the short hair style wigs layering is not strong.

Wig side disk

Pretty nurses are also dressed, small girls sailor suits, hair accessories and wigs to do Cosplay exquisite girls, wig comb slanting bangs side twisting hair style, with a fine double-angle headband to fix, you can also give more wigs A layer of protection, a small cute comic girl wig shape, the lighter the color, the more you can have a comic feeling.

Wig lady straight hair

A lady’s wig with a good trip, a long straight hair style wig with a golden color, and a girl who short hair style wigs likes a beautiful hair color can try it. Qi Liuhai is a tool that is easier to wear a wig. The hair is gradually combed from the cheek position, and the straight hair ends are slightly buckled. The beautiful straight hair can be applied in various occasions.

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