Wig ponytail wearing method

The refreshing ponytail is loved by almost everyone, and the wig ponytail can help you achieve any ponytail shape. You can also increase the ponytail volume and add a ponytail to your ponytail. Your ponytail will be even more cool.

Wig ponytail

Wig ponytail wearing method

Common wigs in the ponytail category include hair ponytail, catching pony tail, pull rope ponytail and tether ponytail to learn how to wear different types of wig ponytail.

First, the hairdressing ponytail wearing method

method one:

1. Tie the hair ponytail to your own ponytail.
2. Comb the ponytail and wear it.

Method Two:

1. Divide your pony tail from the middle into the upper and lower parts.
2. Put the rubber band of the hair ponytail on the hair bundle of the lower part of your pony tail.
3. Lower the upper dispensing tail of the split and then use the rubber band of the hair ponytail.
4. Comb the ponytail, blend your hair and wear it.

Second, catch the card ponytail wearing

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail and take care of the ponytail.
2. Fix the clip of the wig ponytail on your own ponytail.
3. Comb the ponytail and wear it.

Third, the wearing of the pony tail

1. First tie your hair into a bun and arrange the wigs.
2. Pick up the ends of the ponytail net and put it on wig ponytail your hair bun. Tighten the drawstring and wrap it around.
3. Finish the horsetail shape.

Fourth, wearing a tether ponytail

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail or bun.
2. Insert the steel card in the middle of the ponytail into wig ponytail your hair.
3. Wrap your hair or ponytail with a wig ponytail and tighten the tether to secure it.

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