Make a masculine ponytail hairstyle with a wig piece

Lead: Long curly hair ponytail hair style is very temperament, but hair is not long enough to do? Let the wigs help you! Simple and generous, it is easy to create an elegant shape with a wig piece, so that the ordinary hair style can also make a big difference!

The fluffy texture of long curly hair gives an elegant and charming temperament. The long pony tail highlights, and the wig piece broken bangs make the whole hairstyle look pure and lovely. Retro fashion and youthful and playful, especially suitable for temperament and quiet.

wig piece

The hair bundle is curved, almost to the length of the buttocks, and the atmosphere is elegant. The advantage of a wig ponytail is that you can easily have beautiful long hair!

The bangs all plucked and pushed up the height of the top of the forehead, showing youthful vitality, which is definitely the favorite of girls.

Make a masculine ponytail hairstyle with a wig piece

Compared to the previous hairstyle, this one is more wig piece curved and the hair bundle is dynamic and lively.

The micro-volume Qi Liuhai and the slight mess make a natural lazy feeling, revealing a sense of novelty and elegance and a strong sense of retro.

The high-rise ponytail loli fan is full.

The side ponytail adds a breath of the girl next door to the wig piece ponytail hairstyle, which is a good decoration with a black headgear.

The whole hairstyle is sweet and cute.

The tail is only once rolled up, which is particularly personal, giving people an incomparable dream.

Even a simple ponytail hairstyle, refused to be monotonous, and a white headdress decoration will greatly enhance the wig piece temperament. A more elegant and gentle hair style, casual high-tipped ponytail and black hair color tie high horsetail can also play a very good effect! The high-rise ponytail curls highlight youthful vitality and is also suitable for white-collar work styles.

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