Hair Extensions The hair in the early spring is not monotonous.

After the rainy season, it indicates that the spring is Hair Extensions coming, there will be no more spring and cold, and the girls who love beauty can also feel a little lighter and lighter. The hair can also get rid of the thick winter, and put on a more refreshing hairstyle. ,
The combination of curly hair and Qi Liuhai exudes a charming charm while modifying the face.

The slanting bangs of three or seven points, the messy curls at the end of the hair, the femininity is revealed casually.

The hair in the early spring is not monotonous. The wig helps to change every day.

The slanting bangs have a soft Hair Extensions sense of lines, and the airy movement of the curls makes the whole look quite charming.

The neatly arranged Qi Liuhai and the dynamic straight hair pear hair tail combination collide with the most fashionable girl style.

The curl is very gentle, giving a gentle and quiet feeling, plus the Hair Extensions sweet Mocha color, bringing a friendly and intimate feeling, it is an attractive lady hairstyle.

The reddish-brown hair is soft and gentle, and the Hair Extensions eyebrows of Qi Liu are the secret of losing face and age! This long hair wig is perfect for girls who are quiet and temperament.

The thin and sleek long hair wig, the one-size-fit Qi Liu and the light gray highlights of the hair color are as charming as the heroine of the anime game, absolutely killing the otaku!

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